Este documental asesino está a segundos de convertirse en la primera película de Netflix en lograr este increíble hito

For several days straight, the latest Adam Sandler project, Hubie Halloween, has dominated Netflix. But before that Happy Madison production came along, there was another movie that was busy controlling the world’s most popular streaming platform—a project that is currently accomplishing feats that no other movie has ever accomplished on Netflix.

In fact, that movie is just one day away from doing something no other documentary has ever done on Netflix.

¿Esa pelicula? American Murder: La familia de al lado. Playing on the public’s rabid desire for true crime stories, this Netflix Original has commanded the streaming device’s Top 10 feature in ways no other documentary has in 2020, quite possibly making Asesinato americano the most viral documentary to ever hit Netflix.

This is interesting because just last month, the social media-themed El dilema social became the first documentary to dominate Netflix in the Top 10 era. In September, El dilema social pulled in 157 points (the point total is based on a formula I developed for the Netflix’s Top 10 system). That was a higher total than any other movie that played on Netflix last month, including popular non-documentaries like The Smurfs 2, Pets United y dia de la Bastilla.

Pero El dilema social never outright dominated the Top 10 like American Murder: La familia de al lado has in October. While El dilema social thrived because of its longevity, the social media documentary never reached the #1 spot on the Daily Top 10 charts. Meanwhile, Asesinato americano became just the ninth movie this year to spend seven consecutive days atop the Daily Top 10 charts.

Y si Hubie Halloween hadn’t come along, that streak would’ve lasted longer. After Hubie Halloween premiered on October 7, Asesinato americano went on to spend four days in the #2 position. So if it weren’t for Sandler’s latest comedy, Asesinato americano would have become just the third movie ever to claim 11 straight days in first place—and the first documentary ever to pull that off.

De hecho, Asesinato americano is on the verge of doing something no other documentary has ever done on Netflix. El dilema social’s 157 points made it the most popular documentary in the Top 10 era. But by this time tomorrow, there’s a pretty good chance that Asesinato americano will move past that point total and become the first documentary on Netflix to surpass 157 points (and inch closer to the 200-point mark).

So far this autumn season, American Murder: La familia de al lado has earned 151 points. That total just moved past Enola Holmes, which has only managed to pull in 143 points this season before exiting the daily charts altogether.

Since the documentary fell from the daily chart’s #1 spot on October 7, Asesinato americano has spent five days in second place and three days in third place. And it wasn’t until Friday that the documentary fell below the #3 spot. That means Asesinato americano owned a streak of 15 days in the top three positions—a feat that no other documentary has come even close to matching this year.

En la clasificación de 2020, Asesinato americano ranks as the 13th-most-popular movie of the year. With 151 points in its pocket, the documentary ranks just ahead of Top 10 behemoths The Lost Husband, The Kissing Booth 2 y Sr. Peabody y Sherman. Así que si Asesinato americano’s popularity can keep up for just one more day (which it will), then it’ll pass El dilema social in no time and unequivocally become the most popular documentary on Netflix in the Top 10 era.